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1. From the wide selection of fresh items, choose your
    preferred seafood, meat, chicken, and beef that you
    want to be cooked by our chefs.

2. Pay for your chosen item at the cashier before giving
    it to the Paluto Section.

3. From the menu board of the Paluto Section, you may
    pick your preferred type of dish to be prepared.

4. If you cannot decide on what dish you want, you may
    ask for assistance or advice from our chefs.

5. While your food is being prepared, you may do your
    shopping first.

6. Preparation of food usually takes 30 to 40 minutes.
    This usually depends on the food you ordered.

7. Once your food is ready, you may dine-in at the
    Paluto Dining Area and enjoy your meal.

8. The dine-in at the Paluto Dining Area is free of charge.

9. You may also take-out the food you ordered.

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