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Summer Food Feast Raffle Promo

Satisfy your Samgyup and Shabu-Shabu cravings with Fisher Supermarket's Summer Food Feast Raffle Promo!

Every purchase worth P300 of participating items in a single receipt at Fisher Supermarket, entitles customer to one (1) raffle coupon for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Promo period is from April 1 to June 30, 2021.

See posters for details.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-115949 Series of 2021



  • Del Monte Tomato Ginisa 30g

  • Lucky7 Carne Norte 210g

  • Seaking Bangus in Tomato Sauce 220g

  • Seaking Bangus in Hot & Spicy Tomato Sauce 220g

  • Seaking Bangus Flakes in Oil 220g

  • Seaking Bangus Oriental Tausi 220g

  • Seaking Bagoong Classic 250g

  • Seaking Bagoong Sweet 250g

  • Seaking Bagoong Hot 250g

  • Seaking Bagoong Sweet & Spicy 250g

  • Century Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil 184g

  • Pringles Original 107g IMP

  • Pringles Sour Cream Onion 107g IMP

  • Pringles Cheese 107g IMP

  • Pringles Barbeque 107g

  • Pringles Snack Original 42g

  • Pringles Sour Cream Onion 42g IMP

  • Pringles Cheese 42g IMP

  • Pringles Snack BBQ 42g

  • Pringles Pouch Original 40g

  • Pringles Pouch Sour Cream Onion 40g

  • Pringles Original 147g IMP

  • Pringles Sour Cream Onion 147g IMP

  • Pringles Cheese 147g IMP

  • Pringles Barbeque 147g IMP

  • LushStrwberryMilkCandy2.8gx50s

  • CreamOCakeBar40gx10s

  • IrvinsSaltedEggPotatoChips105g

  • IrvinsSaltedEggFishSkin105g

  • DoleAlNatrlSprklngFDStrw240ml new item

  • DoleAlNatrlSprkFDPssnFrt240ml new item

  • DoleAlNatrlSprkFDCucumber240ml new item

  • Great taste Iced Coffee ChocoMocha200ml

  • Great taste Iced CoffeeVanillalatte200ml

  • Great taste Iced Coffee CaramelMacchiato200ml

  •  LocallyMngosteenTtra1L

  • LocallyDrgonFruitTtra1L

  • LocallyPssionFruitTtra1L

  • Seaking Bangus Sisig (Milkfish Bits) 300g

  • Seaking Milkfish Spring Rolls 250g

  • Seaking Boneless Milkfish Smoked 420g

  • Seaking B/L Milkfish(Bangus)-Marinated Hot500g

  • Seaking B/L Milkfish - Steak ala Pobre 250g

  • Seaking B/L Milkfish (Bangus)-Unseasoned 520g

  • Seaking B/L Milkfish - Barbeque 250g

  • Seaking Boneless Milkfish Belly 400g

  • SeakingB/L Milkfish (Bangus) - Marinated 500g

  • Seaking Unseasoned Pangasius Fish Fillet 1kg

  • Seaking Rellenong Bangus (Milkfish Roll) 300g

  • Seaking Boneless Milkfish Back Fillet 450g

  • Seaking  WildAlaskanPinkSalmonSteak200gx6

  • Seaking  WildAlaskanPinkSalmonHead&Tail200gx6

  • Seaking WildAlaskanKetaSalmonSlab200gx6

  • Seaking WildAlaskanKetaSalmonBelly500gx12

  • Seaking WildAlaskanKetaSalmonChunks500gx12

  • Seaking CalamarisSticksx6

  • Seaking SquidsBitsx6

  • FrozenPangasiusFishFillet1kgX10

  • DeoplusTawasPowder50g

  • AlcoplusSantizerGelMoist60ml

  • AlcoplusSantizerGelVitEBeads60ml

  • CalCheeseCheeseChocoWafer35g

  • CalCheeseCheeseChocoWafer53.5g

  • CDOHolidayPorkSiomai240g

  • CDOIdolCheesdogSwt&CrmyJmb500g

  • CDOBeefFranksRegular1kg

  • CDOFuntastykChickenTocino225g

  • CDOFuntastykChickenTocino450g

  • CDOChickenBurger228g

  • CDOChickenHam250g

  • CDOHolidayChickenSiomai240g

  • CDOChickenNuggets200g

  • PFBeefTapa220g

  • PFHeat&Servekarekare450g

  • PFHeat&ServeLechonPaksiw450g

  • PFHeat&ServeBistekTagalog450g

  • PFHeat&EatBeefCaldereta450g

  • PFHeat&EatBeefPares450g

  • PFHeat&EatPorkBinagoongan450g

  • PFHeat&EatPorkHumba450g

  • PFHeat&EatBicolExpress450g

  • PFSpaghettiSauce500g

  • PFSpaghettiSauce1kg

  • PFChickenTapa220g

  • PFTenderJuicyChicken1kg

  • PFTenderJuicyChickenCheese1kg

  • PFHeat&EatChickenAfritada450g

  • NanaysTakalHamPorkTocino

  • NanaysTakalBeefTapa

  • YumbitesClassicHotdog1kg

  • YumbitesClassicHotdog230g

  • YumbitesClassicHotdog480g

  • ChibogJumboCheesedog1kg

  • ChibogRegularCheesedog210g

  • YumbitesClassicJumboHotdog1k

  • ChibogFootlongCheesedog1kg

  • FoodcraftersEmbotido200g

  • FCIRegularSlicedSweetham250g

  • FCIBacon250g

  • NanaysHamPorkTocino230g

  • NanaysCebuLonganisa230g12s

  • NanaysHamPorkTocino480g

  • NanaysBeefTapaGrlc&Pppr230g

  • NanaysBurgerPatties230g6s

  • NanaysPorkTocinoClss230g

  • NanaysPorkTocinoClssc480g

  • NanaysBeefTapaGrlc&Pppr480g

  • NanaysBeefTapaSwt&Spcy480g

  • NanaysBeefTapaSwt&Spcy230g

  • YumbitesClassicJumboHotdog500g

  • Selecta FortifiedSterilizedKidsSnackPack245ml

  • Selecta FortifiedSterilizedKidsSaktoPack180ml

  • Selecta MooChocoSaktoPack180ml

  • BEAR BRAND With Iron 320g

  • NESTLE Fresh 1L

  • MILO ACTIV -GO 600g

  • FitnesseCereal330g            

  • FitnesseCereal180g           

  • NestleFitnesseCereal40g      

  • Fitnesse & Fruit Cereal 230g     

  • Fitnesse Honey & Almond 220g     



1. Valid for cash and charge purchases made at Fisher Supermarket Quezon Ave. or Malabon branch.

2. A POS-generated coupon will be automatically printed after the Tape Receipt of customers who met the required purchase.

3. Customer must present and surrender the POS-generated coupon to the assigned Promo Personnel at the Redemption Booth located at the Customer Entrance/Exit of Fisher Supermarket to claim the raffle coupon. One POS generated coupon is equal to one raffle coupon policy shall be observed.

4. Customer must fill-out the raffle coupon with the following details:

a. Complete Name

b. Complete Address

c. Telephone/Mobile Number

d. Signature

5. Drop raffle coupon at the designated drop box located at the Fisher Supermarket Redemption Area.

6. Deadline for submission of entries is on June 30, 2021 store closing hour.

7. Raffle draw in on July 6, 2021, 5:00 PM at Marketing Dept. of Fisher Supermarket located at 325 Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave. Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City.

8. Opening of drop boxes and drawing of winners shall be done by the Fisher Supermarket’s Marketing Coordinator with the presence of authorized DTI Representative.

9. Winners can only win once. If the winner wins more than once, the prize of higher value shall be awarded.

10. All winners shall be notified by Marketing Coordinator through registered mail and phone call. Winners’ name shall be posted at Fisher Supermarket Customer Entrance/Exit and official Facebook Page.

11. Prizes shall be claimed at Fisher Supermarket Customer Service located at 325 Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave. Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City from: 10:00AM to 5:00PM.

12. Winners must present the following when claiming the prize:

a. Original and photocopy of valid ID with photo (SSS, TIN, Driver’s License, Company ID, Passport, Voter’s ID and other government issued ID)

b. Winning raffle coupon

c. Registered mail

13. Winners may claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from receipt of notification, otherwise shall be forfeited in favor of Fisher Supermarket with concurrence of DTI.

14. Prizes are transferable but not convertible to cash, discount or other item.

15. The 20% tax for prizes exceeding P10,000.00 shall be shouldered by Fisher Supermarket.

16. Employees of Fisher Supermarket (direct and indirect), its affiliates, concessionaires and tenants, including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this promotion.

17. In case the winner cannot claim the prize personally, he/she can assign his/her authorized representative. Aside from the above documents, the winner’s representative must also provide the following:

a. Letter of Authorization duly signed by the winner

b. Original and photocopy of valid ID of winner’s representative.

18. The promo is not valid in conjunction with any other on-going promo at Fisher Supermarket and wholesale purchases.


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